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Measuring What Matters

Classroom Visits

With Classroom Visits, instructional leaders make better, data-guided decisions about the supports they provide to educators.

MWM Classroom Visits provide instructional leaders with a research-validated observation protocol designed to create a common language, clear expectations, and formative feedback about classroom instruction.

Student Surveys

Student surveys provide school leaders with research-validated measures that are predictive of student learning and success.

MWM Student Surveys give important insight into understanding the quality of the student learning experience and how they perceive the supports they are provided.

Teacher Surveys

Teacher surveys are valuable for understanding the conditions and supports that impact the ability for teachers to be successful.

MWM Teacher Surveys provide school leaders with research-validated measures to inform decisions about the system conditions, supports and learning opportunities provided to teachers.

Student Outcomes reporting tools

Student outcome data are critical to developing an understanding of the effectiveness of systems and practices supporting student learning experiences.

MWM Student Outcome reports focus on the data that matter most in recognizing student needs at every level and taking clear action.

Teaching, Leading, and Learning

Curriculum & Instruction

A guaranteed and viable curriculum that prepares students for the 21st century is a foundational element of successful schools. Curriculum & Instruction supports are designed to strengthen and align curriculum and instructional practice with student learning and mastery.

C&I Benchmarking provides a structured, step-by-step process to build and/or strengthen a guaranteed and viable curriculum.

C&I Quality Review provides a data-guided review and analysis of the written curriculum and how it is enacted in classroom instructional practice.

Leadership & Coaching

Strong leaders are critical to catalyzing, supporting, and sustaining educational improvement. IRRE Leadership supports build the capacity and skills of individual leaders and their leadership teams to be effective in enacting and supporting improvement in their schools.

Leadership Coaching provides school leaders with a partner to facilitate their growth and effectiveness as a leader of change and continuous improvement.

System Leadership guides leadership teams through a structured process designed to create better focused, high-performing teams.

Effective Practices in the Classroom

Improving instructional practice requires instructional leaders to provide educators a consistent cycle of professional learning opportunities, data-guided feedback and active coaching and support.

Effective Practices in the Classroom provides instructional leaders with the tools and skills they need to support continuous instructional improvement in their schools.