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For over 30 years, we’ve helped school systems do good things even better.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of children, especially in underserved areas, through data-guided insight and action. We partner with foundations, school districts, government agencies, community organizations, collaboratives, and individual investors dedicated to educational and social change benefiting children and youth.

In everything we do, our work is grounded in our Theory of Change. If you’d like to explore how we might help you improve outcomes for your students, please contact us.

Student and Teacher Surveys

Our surveys provide school systems, grantors, and grantees with research-validated measures that tell the story of student and teacher experiences.

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Student Outcome Reporting

Our Student Outcomes reports focus on the data that matter most in recognizing student needs at every level and taking clear action.

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Classroom Visits

Our evidence-based classroom visit protocol helps school systems take the pulse of teaching and learning.

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Leadership Coaching and Supports

Our Instructional Supports team provides coaching to leaders at all levels. Seasoned district or campus leader? Budding PLC facilitator? Aspiring instructional coach? We’ve got your back.

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Professional Learning

Offered in a variety of online and in person formats, our professional learning sessions are coupled with the wrap-around supports necessary to support implementation.

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PL in Your Inbox

Professional Learning In Your Inbox provides leaders with the tools to implement, monitor, and refine high-quality instructional practices.

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Curriculum and Instruction Audit

A Curriculum and Instruction Quality Audit provides a detailed exploration of the state of teaching and learning in your system.

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C & I Benchmarking

Our evidence-based Every Classroom, Every Day program guides your staff in developing and/or validating curriculum, assessments, and instruction.

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