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Classroom Visits

Our evidence-based classroom visit protocol helps school systems take the pulse of teaching and learning.

Guided by Principle

School improvement is complex, but our Theory of Change provides a framework for moving through the process. If we’re going to change student outcomes, we need to enhance their learning experiences, as well as the practices that adults use in the classroom. Regular classroom visits with meaningful feedback are essential supports for strengthening those practices and students’ learning. That’s where our Classroom Visit Protocol plays a vital role.

IRRE's core theory of change
IRRE’s core theory of change

Measure What Matters

Vetted by third party researchers, our classroom visit protocol is predictive of student success on high-stakes assessments, and provides credible and actionable data around key components of effective teaching and learning:

During a 20-minute visit, visitors look at 15 vital signs of instruction, including:

  • Whether students are actively Engaged in the learning
  • Whether the content Aligns to standards, local curricula, and prepares students for the types of thinking needed on high-stakes assessments
  • Whether strategies and materials are appropriately Rigorous, whether students’ knowledge and skills are formatively assessed, and what steps are taken in response to that formative assessment

Data from each 20-minute classroom visit are recorded in our secure online platform. Results are reported as the percentage of classroom visits that meet each indicator for a department, grade level, school, or district.

Example of part of a classroom visit report
Example of a classroom visit report

Make an Impact

For school leaders, the data provided from the protocol:

  • Facilitates richer and more focused data-guided decisions about supports provided to educators
  • Gives a “third point” of data to facilitate coaching and feedback with individual and teams of teachers
  • Informs the planning and evaluation of professional learning opportunities and instructional initiatives for faculty and teams

For teachers, the data provided from the protocol:

  • Facilitates formative feedback for improving classroom instruction
  • Establishes a common language and lens for discussing instruction with colleagues and leaders
  • Builds a culture of instructional improvement focused on reflection and growth as individuals and members of a learning community

Two Ways to Engage

System Snapshot

Our team visits your site and conducts classroom visits in the scope we collaboratively define. Data are reported to you, and we think with you about charting a path forward for your system.

Capacity Building

Our team trains and certifies instructional leaders to conduct classroom visits, interpret the data those visits yield, and give effective instructional feedback on an ongoing basis. You collect the data — we think together about how to best move forward.

Let's Get Started

To schedule a consultation to determine how the Classroom Visit Protocol can best serve your needs, contact Anissa Collins, Director of Instruction.

  1. anissa.collins@irre.org
  2. Schedule a time to talk

IRRE's Classroom Visits protocol is a game changer. Administrators, after intense calibration training, walk through classrooms with an entirely new lens. The tool allows you to collect data of what is happening with students rather than focusing solely on the teacher's instructional moves. The data gathered has allowed our teachers to have in-depth dialogue about what works for our students.

Carol Anthony
District Leader