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Student Outcome Reporting

Student outcome data are critical to helping school systems, grantors, and grantees understand the effectiveness of systems and practices supporting student learning.

Guided by Principle

Ultimately, education quality boils down to what each and every student is learning and what is being done to ensure their success. Improving education quality, then, means finding out and studying what is happening to individual students and doing something about it. We have developed ways to analyze and report school and district data that align with these core beliefs. Our Student Outcomes reports guide more effective decision-making toward improving student outcomes.

IRRE's core theory of change
IRRE’s core theory of change

What Can We Learn by Putting Faces on Student Outcome Data

Student outcome reports provide multidimensional analyses of academic and behavioral outcomes for individual students and student groups.

Using existing student-level information, we apply quality thresholds on a set of core metrics assessing students’ academic performance and commitment at all levels of schooling (PK-12).

Our dynamic reports provide credible and actionable information. This enhanced data analysis and reporting can tell educators:

  • what each student is accomplishing in terms of their academic performance and commitment;
  • what combinations of these accomplishments (and challenges) students are experiencing; and
  • how each student and groups of students are progressing over time with respect to these key accomplishments and challenges

Example of student outcomes report
Example of Student Outcomes report

Let's Get Started

All you need is a point person who is knowledgeable about, and has access to student data. Our team will support that person in gathering and securely transmitting student outcome data. To learn more about Student Outcomes Reporting, please contact Steve Amstutz, Director of Measuring What Matters.

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