IRRE partners with educational leaders to make transformative change through data-guided insight and evidence-based practice.

We provide measurement services and professional development supports to strengthen each element of our Theory of Change.

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Measuring What Matters

We provide practical measures that get you credible and actionable results.

Our Measuring What Matters tools provide practical measures of the most critical factors impacting student learning and educator practice. These measures have been field-tested and optimized over the last 25 years in hundreds of schools and thousands of classrooms across the country.

Our team provides a focused, structured process to help educators move from data-guided insight to purposeful action.

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Teaching, Leading, & Learning

We build teachers’ and leaders’ capacity to meet the needs of all students.

Our Teaching, Leading, and Learning supports focus on strengthening key teaching and leadership practices – and building the systems of support around them to ensure they can be successful. These practices and supports have been field-tested and strengthened over the last 25 years, working with thousands of educators in schools across the country.

Our team combines highly engaging professional learning opportunities with the wrap around supports necessary to ensure new practices are implemented well, sustained over time, and are effective for students.

Learn more about our Teaching, Leading, and Learning supports for educators and school leaders: