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Leadership Coaching and Supports

Our Instructional Supports team provides coaching to leaders at all levels. Seasoned district or campus leader? Budding PLC facilitator? Aspiring instructional coach? We’ve got your back.

Guided by Principle

School improvement is complex, but our Theory of Change provides a framework for moving through the process. Leadership Supports provide leaders at all levels of a school system with a thought partner that has a singular focus: providing educators the support they need to improve their own practices – thereby positively impacting the experiences and outcomes of the students they serve.

IRRE's core theory of change
IRRE’s core theory of change

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Support

Our leadership supports and activities are designed around regular coaching (a combination of on-site and remote) that is deeply rooted in reflection and is customized for the specific needs of the leader, or group of leaders.

We ensure that school leaders understand and implement critical features of successful school leadership and improvement efforts: focus, coherence, commitment, data-informed decisions and collective responsibility.

Our team is experienced in supporting:

  • Central office curriculum and instruction leaders
  • Campus principals and assistant principals
  • Instructional coaches
  • Leaders and facilitators of professional learning communities and other teacher teams

Support activities include:

  • Individual and team coaching
  • Targeted professional development for teams
  • Curate resources to support ongoing professional learning for individuals and teams
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder work on defined projects
  • Strategic consultation

Areas of work include, but are not limited to:

  • Needs assessment and goal setting
  • Monitoring, accountability, and feedback practices
  • Team and leader development
  • Facilitating data-guided conversations
  • Protocols for curriculum and instructional refinement
  • Planning and facilitating professional learning
  • Time management
  • Delineating responsibilities

Let's Get Started

To schedule a consultation and begin outlining your Curriculum and Instructional Quality audit, contact Anissa Collins, Director of Instruction.

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