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Student and Teacher Surveys

Our surveys provide school systems, grantors, and grantees with research-validated measures that tell the story of student and teacher experiences.

Guided by Principle

School improvement is complex, but our Theory of Change provides a framework for moving through the process.

  • Student Surveys give us access to students' thinking about their own motivations, their perceptions of safety, and how they view their relationships with adults. When we work to refine those student learning experiences, students are more likely to achieve academic success.
  • Teacher Surveys tell us more about the school culture and how teachers perceive the quality of the supports available to them. When teachers report better experiences, they are more likely to have a positive impact on student outcomes.

IRRE's core theory of change
IRRE’s core theory of change

Better student experiences mean better student outcomes

In a 15-minute survey, students respond to prompts asking about:
  • Interpersonal Supports
    • Supports from teachers
    • Teachers' high and clear expectations
    • Relationships with teachers and other caring adults
  • Personal Resources
    • Sense of belonging at school
    • Academic confidence
    • Academic motivational orientation
  • Academic engagement
  • College readiness
  • Safety in school

Example of student survey report for academic engagement
Academic Engagement for Students

When teachers report better experiences, they create better student experiences.

Example of teacher survey report for perceptions of feedback
Teacher Perceptions of Feedback

In a 15-minute survey, teachers respond to prompts asking about:
  • Supports for educators
    • Classroom visits
    • Targeted academic supports
    • Interim assessments of academic progress
  • Teachers' engagement and confidence
  • Conditions for Success
    • Focus
    • Coherence
    • Commitment
    • Data-Guided decision-making
    • Collective responsibility

Let's Get Started

To explore options for getting started with surveys in your district, contact Steve Amstutz, Director of Measuring What Matters.

  1. steve.amstutz@irre.org
  2. Schedule a time to talk