Skillman Foundation

Detroit-based foundation seeking to clarify and strengthen data-driven strategies for improving lives of Detroit children and youth

In 2011, after the first five years of a $120M investment improving outcomes for Detroit’s children and youth, our foundation partner asked IRRE to an analytic review of their work. Out of this review has come a long-term strategic partnership that has strengthened the foundation’s and its community partners’ capacity to engage with credible and meaningful results on education quality in their community; to generate data guided insights to guide their investments in improving the education experience of thousands of Detroit children and youth.

Critical by-products of IRRE’s work with the foundation have been refinements and dissemination of our Education Quality Information System, recommendations for making state strategies for measuring school quality more fair, rigorous and actionable and a series of articles on strengthening equity in access to charter and public high schools and on creating more viable pathways to meaningful graduation for urban students

Skillman Foundation invests in improving the lives of children and youth in Detroit

Strengthen the Foundation’s and its community partners’ use of credible and actionable data.

Beginning fifth year of partnership with IRRE.