Lassen Union High School District

In the Spring of 2014, IRRE responded to Lassen Unified High School District’s request for proposals for partners to aid in a turnaround effort. Our partnership has proven to be a successful one, as in two short years, the students and staff at Lassen High School have shown impressive growth; their performance on statewide accountability assessments now approaches the state average in English and Mathematics.

Over the past two years, we have partnered with stakeholders at Lassen High School to develop a collective vision for school improvement. Beginning with our Summer Institutes, teachers have participated in targeted professional learning opportunities aimed at increasing their efficacy with high-yield instructional strategies. This learning has been continually supported by our instructional specialists who are committed to visiting classrooms and engaging teachers in reflective conversations that help refine existing practices.

Throughout the partnership, we have also worked with teachers to develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum through adherence to our Curriculum and Instructional Benchmarking process. Beginning first with the English department, and later expanding to include the entire faculty, we have built teachers’ capacity to establish common learning targets, assessments, and unit plans. All of these components have been instrumental in ensuring the improvement of student outcomes.

Our partnership is now in its third year, and all faculty at Lassen are being supported through the Curriculum and Instructional benchmarking process within their respective courses. We continue to think together with the stakeholders at Lassen High School to build professional development sessions that are responsive to the needs of the staff and students. Similarly, we are continuing to provide on-the-ground supports in the form of classroom visits and reflective conversations. We are eager to see how this work contributes to the continued success of Lassen Unified High School District!

Lassen High School
(Rural high school with 900 students)

Close racial and economic achievement gaps and improve core course achievement

Beginning third year with IRRE